herbs for baldness

Herbs remedy for baldness

Prominent USA scientist destroys the myth about curing baldness Recently, the scientific world was gravely shocked by an unexpected news following decades of in-depth research – BALDNESS IS NOW CURABLE with herbs remedies Doctor A. Chan is an American born Chinese who graduated from Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine. After her honored graduation, […]

Future of hair loss treatments.

This is what is coming up in future hair loss treatments. Hair multiplication- stem cells and dermal papilla cells have been discovered in hair follicles and some researchers predict research on these follicular cells may lead to successes in treating baldness through hair multiplication, also called hair cloning, within three or four years. This treatment is […]


Hair Loss experiment

Previously unknown group of Dr. Zheng Men from china independently from the more proclaimed scientists and hair transplantation clinics from US and Europe conducted human hair cloning experiments. They used a technique of combining and transplanting various cell types of the hair follicle from humans to induce new hair growth. This, in principle, it is […]